Delta CombiScope 300HP/600HP

Delta CombiScope 300HP / 600HP  dairy analizer provides the highest sample throughput available for the routine analysis of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk.

The system consists of a component analyzer (LactoScope FTIR), a somatic cell counter (SomaScope LFC) and a sample handling system (autosampler with linear conveyor). This combination can work at speeds of up to 600 samples per hour, depending on the model.

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Herd Management Tool is first fatty acid calibration model package for dairy herd improvement. The tool consists of two models: de novo fatty acid set and blood NEFA predicted in milk. This information combined provides an early warning of nutritional and metabolic diseases common during early lactation, like ketosis and displaced abomasum events. Gathered data could also improve feed efficiency and improve milk composition and total yield of the herd. The tool is not part of the standard package and is available as an extra-cost option.

Dynascan interferometer used in LactoScope FTIR is compact and simple, with no critical moving parts. Balanced scan mechanism is immune to vibration and has great stability due to auto compensation of mirror alignment and use of Molecular sieve for desiccant in the optics compartment. Use of laser-diode and long-life IR Source also improves the stability and low maintenance cost of the system. Measurement of minor components is improved by implementing patented sample temperature control (STC), which provides more stable working conditions than traditional heating systems.

Hydraulic pump, which is using new generation Homogenizer plugs, is temperature controlled. Solid construction translates into higher stability, reliability and performance, with a small internal volume.

With the use of 3C Standardization liquid, to compensate the cuvette wear, the need for recalibration will be minimized and thus further reducing the cost of ownership

SomaScope LFC is using flow-cytometry technique for counting Somatic-cells. Optical arrangement is fixed thus no additional adjustment or maintenance is necessary. DAPI staining medium and double detector system are used for more accurate count of somatic cells. Stability of the system is also maintained by using stable light source and very accurate piston pumps for critical volumes. LED light source has expected lifetime of 20.000 hours and offers low replacement time and cost.

Autosampler system is using electromagnetic pipette, which means no wear & tear and no maintenance. An acoustic and infrared sensors are used to measure sample volume and temperature.

It comes with a user friendly and license-free Windows based software, where all available parameters are included. The software also enables the use of GLP (good-laboratory-practice), offers control-charts, new model development and further data processing.

Measuring parameters include Fat (ranges 0-15%), Protein (0-10%), Total-solids (0-20%), Lactose (0-10%), with Accuracy below 1% CV, and also FPD, Urea and SCC.