SOTAX leads the way in the development and manufacture of high-quality pharmaceutical testing equipment and associated services. Their equipment is used worldwide in the development and production processes in the pharmaceutical and science industries.

The SOTAX Group is an international leader in the development and manufacturing of equipment for:

  • dissolution testing,
  • automated sample preparation,
  • and physical testing of pharmaceutical dosage forms (tablet hardness, tablet disintegration, tablet friability, tap density, flowability of blends, powders and granulates, NIR (PAT) – online tablet characterization using NIR, and bottle cap torque tests)


With a global network of service engineers, the company is also a trusted provider of installation, maintenance, repair and qualification services for SOTAX, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron, and legacy Zymark products.

Labtim is offering full spectra of customized solutions to our customers, combining strong local service support with application support and experienced sales experts. Our focus is in long term fruitful cooperation, where we exchange our knowledge.