DryVap Concentrator System

The DryVap Concentrator System automates the drying, evaporation, and concentration of organic solvent extracts prior to chromatographic analysis, combining what were once manual steps into one automated process. Unattended operation frees up laboratory personnel for other tasks and eliminates variability between chemists’ techniques, producing superior and consistent results.

When equipped with the DryDisk® Separation Membrane option, the DryVap Concentrator System can dry and concentrate samples in under 30 minutes – increasing the sample throughput in your laboratory.

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For environmental applications, the DryVap Concentrator System dries and concentrates organic solvent extracts prior to GC and GC/MS analysis. Designed to emulate the traditional Kuderna Danish (KD) method, the DryVap Concentrator System uses a unique combination of vacuum, heat, and nitrogen sparge gas to rapidly evaporate and gently concentrate extracts down to a precise desired volume while retaining the analytes of interest.

Every parameter in the DryVap Concentrator System can be optimized and saved as a method with the DryVap Concentrator System Control Software option. Easily recall the saved method and precisely remove residual solvent from your compound of interest, run after run.