Delta Lactoscope FT-A

Lactoscope FT- A is our most versatile instrument, capable of measuring a wide range of dairy products, from milk, cream, whey, ice-cream and yoghurt to even more viscose products, such as desserts and fermented products (with the use of Dairy Solver).

It comes with a user friendly and license-free Windows based software, where all available parameters are included. The software also enables the use of GLP (good-laboratory-practice), offers control-charts, new model development and further data processing.

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With the use of Peristaltic pump for sample intake, Hydraulic pump with new generation Homogenizer plugs, balanced and self-compensating Dynascan interferometer, Molecular-sieve for desiccant in the optics compartment, use of laser-diode and long life IR Source, temperature control of the cabinet and flow system, automatic Zero and Clean functions with integrated 5 L containers the instrument offers a robust and reliable experience, with low cost of ownership.

A typical Accuracy below 1% CV can be achieved, with measuring range for Fat 0-55%, Protein 0-25%, Total-solids 0-60%, Lactose 0-25%. Other parameters, available with no additional cost, are FPD, Urea, Casein, Density, FFA and others. Instrument is capable of measuring up to 120 samples per hour (cca. 22 seconds per replicate).

With the use of 3C Standardization liquid, to compensate the cuvette wear, the need for recalibration will be minimized and thus further reducing the cost of ownership.