Biotage® Horizon 5000

The Biotage® Horizon 5000 is a three-position automated disk extraction system that conditions the disk, loads the sample (20 mL to 2 L) and elutes the analytes all without user intervention.

A benchtop system with optional use in a hood, the 5000 is a rugged system incorporating clean materials to allow extraction of low concentration analytes. The system offers a number of features that facilitate easy use of the system including the ability to run previously developed methods with just a few clicks. It also offers the flexibility to optimize many parameters for the best performance in recovery and precision of desired analytes.

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Features & Benefits

  • Control through easy to use, very visual software with icons and clear and straightforward operation for the best ease of use
  • Atlantic® SPE Disks and Pacific® Oil & Grease Disks can be used for the highest quality consumable, and certified for automated use
  • The 5000 Module can facilitate high sample throughput; with 3 positions per module and up to four modules connected to one PC controller, up to 12 samples can be run at one time
  • Run even complex samples without emulsions forming
  • Particulates are not a worry with the use of the Fast Flow Disk Holder and prefilters; the large surface area holds the particulates for extraction to ensure the entire sample is characterized
  • The original sample bottle can be used on the 5000 eliminating the need to transfer the sample to another container
  • The sample bottle is automatically rinsed with the extracting solvents, as mandated by regulatory agencies
  • The system is quiet since the pumps are all internal to the unit and run only when needed
  • Up to 7 solvents can be used and positioned on the top of the instrument (similar to HPLC) to use space efficiently
  • Reports can be generated for archiving run conditions or export to a LIMS
  • Never lose a sample with a detection system designed to pause the run for user intervention when an unsatisfactory situation is detected
  • An optional bar-code reader can enter sample identifications without transcription error, reducing errors
  • Use the optional Vapor Shield to contain vapors and/or allow a nitrogen blanket to protect sensitive samples