Biotage Horizon 3100

Oil and grease (n-hexane extractable material) is a general indicator of the amount of hydrocarbons in a water supply. It is used around the world to indicate pollution and to help ensure reliable waste treatment plant operation. The Biotage Horizon 3100 automates the entire extraction process, fully compliant with US EPA Method 1664A/B, ISO 11349 and Standard Methods 5520B.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fully compliant with regulatory methods such as US EPA method 1664B, ISO 11349, and Standard Methods 5520B.
  • Uses the original sample bottle to dispense the sample and automatically rinses it, too.
  • Simple to operate with touch-screen Controller and on-board methods.
  • Disks and bottles of various sizes accommodated for best match with laboratory needs.
  • Handles all types of samples with reliable operation.
  • Bench-top design, frees up hood space.