Atlantic® ReadyDisk

Atlantic® ReadyDisks are solid phase extraction (SPE) disks, pre-assembled into disposable holders and are used for extracting organic and semivolatile organic compounds from aqueous matrices. Each disk is constructed to maximize surface area interactions with the analytes in solution, accommodating relatively high sample flow rates without suffering from solution or analyte breakthrough or disk clogging.

The disk holder was designed for use with both manual and automated solid phase extraction systems and is constructed from materials that are free from contaminants such as phthalates. The configuration of the disk results in high physical and chemical capacity and the height of the holder prevents sample overflow, even at relatively high flow rates.

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ReadyDisks are suitable for extracting samples in a wide range of volumes, including large, liter-sized samples. The wide range of available media accommodates the extraction of a variety of analytes including: pesticides, bisphenol A, PBDEs, herbicides, PAHs, carbonyls, dioxins, furans, PFOAs and phenols in compliance with 500 Series, 600 Series and 8000 Series EPA Methods.

Atlantic® ReadyDisk C18

This silica based C18 is end-capped to eliminate unpredictable secondary interactions with unreacted silanols. This reversed-phase media can be used for EPA Method 525.2 along with other drinking and wastewater methods.

Atlantic® ReadyDisk HC-C18

This high capacity C18 ReadyDisk has added retention per disk for improved recovery of compounds that have weaker interactions with C18 media such as dimethoate, 2,6-DNT, 2,4-DNT and the drinking water tracer caffeine. The endcapped C18 media is recommended for EPA method 525.2, and other drinking and wastewater methods.

Atlantic® ReadyDisk DVB

The DVB (divinylbenzene) polymer is a pH independent reversed-phase media that is listed for use in the EPA drinking water method for a full suite of analytes, EPA Method 525.3.