Millipore, which was founded in 1954 with only a small number of employees and has developed improvements in filtration processes, today is considered to be the pioneers of water purification technology and is the world leader in this field.

LabTim d.o.o. since July 2014, has taken over the representation of Merck Millipore water purification systems in Slovenia, which have been successfully serviced for many years, from the very beginning of their arrival on the Slovenian market.


…… is to offer the most suitable and affordable solution tailored to the requirements and needs of the customer!


If you want a new water purification system, we help you find the most suitable solution and advise on the cost-effectiveness and maintenance of the system. The system is fully installed together with reservoirs and additional parts, as desired by the customer. Merck Millipore systems are available with all spare parts and consumables.


We perform regular and extraordinary services for ultrafiltration systems. We also advise clients how to maintain the most effective and cost-effective systems, and on the basis of the findings, systems are upgraded or re-dimensioned according to the desired effects:

  • Lower consumption of consumables
  • Use several types of water
  • Dimensioning and installation of the water tank
  • Other modifications at the customer’s request


If you do not have an interest in purchasing a system or have a temporary water shortage, we offer you the option of a favourable system lease, where all service and maintenance costs are included in the rent.

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