ATS is a company that has been engaged in the development and production of universal, uncompromised materials testing machines since 1965.

In addition to reliable laboratory and high temperature melting furnaces, they also manufacture machines for testing creeping and tearing or fracture of materials at loads. Recently, they have developed an innovative and modern line of digital machines for testing asphalt / bitumen. In addition, machines for testing the resistance of materials to high pressures, testing the load of the pipe to the hole, testing the quality of sealing systems, devices for various tests in biomedicine and more.

Labtim is offering full spectra of customized solutions to our customers, combining strong local service support with application support and experienced sales experts. Our focus is in long term fruitful cooperation, where we exchange our knowledge.

When you want to test metals, asphalt / bitumen or anything in between, and want to have precise results, AST machines are the right solution for you.